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HeadsStart with the right toilet then add the waste-management method that works best for youSailors like refitting sails, rigging and electronics, anything but heads. Heads are not sexy, not fast and not fun. But the high-tech advancements in toilets and marine sanitation systems restore bragging rights to the heads. Let's face it, for a weekend of coastal cruising a nice head could be more impor...]]>
Electric and Hybrid Motors Electric and Hybrid Motors
Quiet, clean and economical are just some of the benefits of 'green' auxiliary power I hardly use a tank of fuel in an entire season," the purist sailor boasts, gleeful about all the money he or she is saving by running the inboard just long enough to leave the harbor. Thrift isn't the only reason purists don't like the iron genny. Inboards are noisy, they vibrate and they stink, especially if ...]]>
Cabin Bedding Cabin Bedding
Create a more comfortable berth with a new mattress or by adding a few simple upgrades Iam currently reading, for the first time, John Caldwell's Desperate Voyage, his account of sailing solo across the Pacific Ocean following World War II. I just got to the part where, during a hurricane, he pitches his bunk mattress overboard and spends the next 1,000 miles with nothing but a perpetually wet bl...]]>