Sailing Magazine - Gear watch Thu, 18 Apr 19 00:00:00 -0400 en hourly 1 SOS Distress Light SOS Distress Light

 The SOS Distress Light from Weems & Plath is approved by the United States Coast Guard for use in lieu of traditional pyrotechnic flares.

Garmin Smartwatch Garmin Smartwatch

Garmin’s Quatix 3 is the first general-purpose watch that incorporates navigational features and marine tools that sailors will appreciate. 

TackingMaster TackingMaster

 The TackingMaster is a wrist-worn navigation device that helps racing sailors track wind shifts and trends to make educated tactical decisions.

Wichard Hi-Tech Tether Wichard Hi-Tech Tether

 New ProLine tethers from Wichard have innovative snap hooks made from forged aluminum, for strength and rust-resistance, while remaining extremely light.

Spinlock rigging gauge Spinlock rigging gauge

 Rig tuning relies on accurate, repeatable results. Spinlock’s Rig-Sense has a composite lead spring calibrated to output loads to a direct linear scale

Spinnaker furling line Spinnaker furling line
Top-down furling systems require specialized line to handle the torque from the system. New England Ropes has a new Spinnaker Furling Line that allows for better transfer of the furling drum’s rotat...]]>
Good To-Go Good To-Go
 Typical onboard fare often consists of sandwiches and granola bars. The head chef at Good To-Go has a much better alternative for cold nights underway. The dehydrated meals consist of ingredient...]]>
Neptu Link Neptu Link
 High-speed internet access while sailing is not always possible. The new Neptu Link offers a solution that they say is “as easy and affordable as at home.” The device incorporated two antenn...]]>
Twist-lock circuit tester Twist-lock circuit tester
 Hubbell Marine's new 30A/125V Twist-Lock Circuit Tester takes the guesswork out of shore power when coming in to port.  This new handy device plugs in to any 30A/125V locking receptac...]]>
Ronstan Clear Start Watch Ronstan Clear Start Watch
 Ronstan Clear Start watches have been a “must have” for racers for several years. The easy-to-read displays, intuitive countdown mode, and one button synchronization are some of the reasons ...]]>
Harken Carbo OneTouch winch handle Harken Carbo OneTouch winch handle
 The sailing world has seen a lot of winch handles and continual efforts to improve on the basic design. First, they were made lighter (and less lightly to cause a concussion if pulled out of a w...]]>
Sail Flop Sail Flop
 We've seen sailcloth used for everything from duffle bags to sun shades, but in one of the most stylish incarnations of upcycled sails, now there are flip flops you can don to show off your sai...]]>
Apple Watch apps Apple Watch apps
 Pocket Mariner, developers of Boat Beacon, SeaNav and several other tablet and smartphone sailing apps, now provides Apple Watch functionality. ...]]>
B and G remote controller B and G remote controller
The palm-sized B and G Pilot Controller wireless remote has a set of simple keys to allow for fast and accurate autopilot control. ...]]>
Logbook 3.6 Logbook 3.6
 Logbook 3.6 is computer log software for Mac, Windows and iPad, but it is written from the perspective of a traditional logbook. ...]]>
Boat Watch Pro Boat Watch Pro
Boat Watch Pro is an entertaining and useful iOS 8 app that works like an AIS receiver but with added features. Point an iPhone or iPad’s camera at a ship and the app will identify the ship and give...]]>
Thirsty-Mate pump Thirsty-Mate pump
Breckson’s Thirsty-Mate 519C pump has a cast aluminum handle, stainless steel shaft and a low temperature hose. It’s 24" long and 3-inches in diameter with a 4-foot intake hose and a 6 foot outle...]]>
Impecca Alert Band Impecca Alert Band
Originally designed to keep drivers alert and safe, but perfect for watchkeepers, the Impecca Alert Band monitors and analyzes brainwaves, sending real-time notifications and alarms to a sailors smart...]]>
Puffin Blanket Puffin Blanket
Nemo’s $100 Puffin blanket is designed for outdoor use, and it might be perfect for cool nights at anchor. It’s filled with Stratofiber insulation that stays warm when damp and ripstop nylon shell...]]>
Coffeeboxx Coffeeboxx


A nautical christmas in sailcloth A nautical christmas in sailcloth


Coleman BatteryLock flashlight Coleman BatteryLock flashlight


Shakespeare reflective dock and anchor lines Shakespeare reflective dock and anchor lines


Andersen E1 Electric Self-Tailing Winches Andersen E1 Electric Self-Tailing Winches
This new line of self-tailing electric winches is designed for almost any sized boat, and is meant to make family and shorthanded sailing easier. The E1 features push-button control of a powerful and ...]]>
Dometic Cup Cooler Dometic Cup Cooler
The Cup Cooler from Dometic is a topsides mini-mini fridge for a single beverage, like a koozie on steroids. It can replace most standard cup holders and will cool a standard water or soda bottle, or ...]]>
Accon Marine Pull-Up Cleat Accon Marine Pull-Up Cleat
 Tired of catching your toes on cleats? Accon Marine's 470 pull-up, marine-grade stainless steel cleat can be pushed down into the deck when not in use. The cleat needs only three holes, no cutouts. It comes in 4.5", 6", 8" and 10" lengths, starting at $41.85...]]>
Davis MiniShockle Davis MiniShockle
Davis Instruments' MiniShockle is a superstring black bungee that comes in 12 inches, 18 inches and 24 inches. Prices start at $13.99. The wire gate snaps, on each end, are 316 stainless steel so the...]]>
Mr. Beams Lantern Mr. Beams Lantern
 The Mr. Beams lantern is a 260 lumen lantern that runs for 15 hours on four D-cell batteries. It is also has a USB charging port can can power three full cellphone charges. Mr. Beams uses LEDs t...]]>
Une Bobine Une Bobine
Hands-free PhoneThe Une Bobine is a flexible iPhone (it also fits micro USB-charging phones) stand for photography or just to keep the phone at eye level for any reason, like setting on the chart tabl...]]>
Bernard Engraving's Sailboat Manager Bernard Engraving's Sailboat Manager
Bernard Engraving's Sailboat Manager series is a three-ring, loose leaf binder that holds laminated reference cards, preprinted forms for boat maintenance, medical, checklists, piloting informa...]]>