Sailing Magazine - Photographers Sun, 24 Mar 19 00:00:00 -0400 en hourly 1 Onne van der Wal Onne van der Wal
For more than 25 years, Onne has traveled between tropical destinations and icy reaches of the globe in search of breathtaking photo opportunities. He mixes scenes from the nautical world with dramati...]]>
Alison Langley Alison Langley
Alison Langley has earned national recognition for her exquisite nautical photography, capturing the light, beauty and motion of classic yachts around the world. She studied film at New York Universit...]]>
Walter Cooper Walter Cooper
Marine photographer Walter Cooper was born in Port Huron, Michigan and grew up sailing and boating along Lake Huron. Inspired by his surroundings and his pastimes, Walter's interest in photography be...]]>
David Liscio David Liscio
David is an avid sailor and lifelong photographer who has traveled the far reaches of the globe to capture images of sailboats racing and cruising.   Whether on assignment crewin...]]>
Marianne Lee Marianne Lee
Marianne excels at the challenges that come with photographing sailing images.  Growing up on the shores of Lake Michigan, the Great Lake sparked her photographic interests at an early age. Durin...]]>
Sharon Green Sharon Green
Sharon Green has been capturing electrifying images of performance sailing for more than three decades. Her annual Ultimate Sailing Calendar, featuring the highlights of competitive yacht racing aroun...]]>
Billy Black Billy Black

Paul Todd Paul Todd
Paul Todd works works at a Photo Agency called OUTSIDE IMAGES LTD. with one of the nicest guys in the world Bob Grieser The pair spend a lot of time shooting fresh stock images t...]]>
Bob Grieser Bob Grieser
Bob Grieser is a longtime contributor to SAILING Magazine. He was a photographer at the Washington Star for 15 years before joining the LA Times, where he stayed for 18 years. Bobby G. covered such di...]]>
Tor Johnson - The ocean from a new angle Tor Johnson - The ocean from a new angle
Tor Johnson and his wife Kyoko run their photography business out of a beach house in Waialua, Hawaii. Tor, a lifelong surfer who grew up sailing the oceans with his family, picked up photography when...]]>