Sailing Magazine - Nautical Library Sun, 19 Sep 21 00:00:00 -0400 en hourly 1 A familiar storyteller and seaman goes deep in his latest book SAILING readers will be more than a little familiar with Contributing Editor John Kretschmer’s vast collection of sailing stories; you’ve been reading them on the pages of this magazine for decade...]]> A fresh take on an around-the-world saga

 Istvan Kopar’s story of his 1990 solo circumnavigation is a mesmerizing tale. The overall plot line may be similar to other sailing adventures, but what makes this a remarkable read is the voice. This Hungarian-born sailor has a fresh perspective which results in fascinating, tangible details coming across the page.<...

Straight up Harken history - Harken history straight from the source

Olaf Harken, who was inducted to the National Sailing Hall of Fame last year, is half of the team responsible for Harken Yacht Equipment, a company known across the globe as a leader in sailing technology.

The bareboating bible Chartering is more popular than ever, and surveys show that most sailors plan to charter a sailboat within the next 24 months. For many sailors, the chance to take the helm and steer their own course ...]]> Cruising for the masses Many sports, like swimming or soccer, are relatively easy to learn because there are a few basic moves assembled in the right order. Sailing is like that, too. Learn to trim, steer, tack and jibe, and a fair-weather daysail is pure pleasure. Sailing may be easy to learn, but it is difficult to master because unlike swimming and soccer the playing conditions change, often unexpectedly. Wind and wav...]]>