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SeaCart 26 OD

2011 May 3

There seems to be a serious boat speed contest going on with the tris and the cats. Oceanlake Marine's entry into this race is its new SeaCart 26 OD designed by Marc Lombard and built in Thailand. This is a 26-foot folding trimaran designed for a crew of three or four. Two boats can be packed into a standard 40-foot container.

The main hull shape shows a spray knocker running full length and a wave-piercing bow. There is considerable rocker to the main hull and there is a large centerboard. The midsection shows the hull flaring out to the knuckle then rolling gently inboard. The amas also have the full-length spray knockers and the wave-piercing bows. The drawings show curved daggerboards in the amas but the specs list these curved boards as options and not part of the one-design rules. The 26 is designed to be sailed on one hull. The displacement of the empty boat is 1,540 pounds. If I add four 180-pound crewmembers to that I get an all-up sailing displacement of 2,260 pounds for a D/L of 57, more than twice that of the SL33. But given the fact that the SeaCart has an extra hull you would expect it to be proportionately heavier. A big part of the appeal of this design will be the easy way it folds up for trailering or shipping.
If we use our four-member crew weight with the SeaCart's 407 square feet of total sail area, we get an SA/D of 37.81. That's a far cry from the SL33's 106 but it is still a lot of sail area. The mast is a single spreader with diamond shroud, carbon rotating "wing" mast. The boom is aluminum. There is a short, retracting bowsprit. The jib furling drum is below the deck.

Construction is vacuum-bagged epoxy and E glass with carbon reinforcing. It would be a lot of fun to get a fleet of these trimarans together to race. They would be ideal on lakes or in harbors. Adventurous sailors could try some coastal racing but besides a low rail that acts as a seatback on each ama there are no amenities.