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2023 September 1

An all-woman bareboat charter in the Bahamas becomes a team effort where learning and having fun are the best part of cruising

The cays have rebounded after Hurricane Dorian. Perched like a tiara at the northernmost tip of the Bahamas, the Abacos is a chain of barrier islands that forms the cruising paradise known as the
2023 July 1

The ups and downs of a transit through the Panama Canal goes smoothly with the Panama Posse

Of my many madcap boating adventures around the world, transiting the Panama Canal is the one that always elicits the most oohs and aahs. It’s been declared “the epitome of man’s mastery over na
2023 June 1
Sailing courses have come a long way. Long gone are one-size-fits-all courses that focus mostly on basics and pigeonhole students into a regimented curriculum. Today sailing courses are focused on lif
2023 June 1
Buddy Melges understood wind like no other sailor, so it is all the more fitting to say he was a breath of fresh air in the world of sailing.Although he won national championships 10 times and two Oly
2023 April 1

A charter cruise through the Sea of Cortez in Baja California is filled with wildlife above and below the water. Photography by Mark Albertazzi and Eddie Frank

With bags and camera gear in tow, we’re taking advantage of the Cross Border Xpress pedestrian bridge from San Diego directly into the Tijuana International Airport. Much to the surprise of the Mexi
2023 March 1

John Kretschmer needed his full kit of storm sailing tactics to get through a fraught passage across the famously nasty bay

I first downloaded the American GFS weather model, and it didn’t look good. I tried the ECMWF European model, but it was worse. I even downloaded the German ICON model, but no matter how many w
2023 March 1

Finding issues before they become big problems should be at the top of every boat’s fitting out list

It’s launch day. Are you ready?  Regardless of whether your boat is about to be splashed after a winter layup or if you’re pulling a boat for annual maintenance, there’s a lot to be done t
2023 January 1

A pair of friends sail a small catamaran across the North Sea to explore the wild coast and climb mountains

A 15-knot breeze swept across the beach of Piriac-sur-mer, a small Breton town on the Atlantic coast of France, much to the delight of the members of the local sailing club. The June sun warmed t
2023 January 1

A young couple restores a Victory 21 built nearly 40 years before they were born

My heart pounded as adrenaline flooded my veins, the wind biting my cheeks as we threaded through the oncoming vessels that were fighting for our prime position. It was the 69th annual High Sierra Reg
2022 November 1

Whether chartering a boat or signing on for a bunk, there are options for crossing the Sydney Hobart race off your bucket list

Bucket list sailing adventures often conjure up images of sun-drenched anchorages, while others call to mind the terror of monster waves and passages under storm sails. Such is the mystique of the 76-
2022 November 1

The perfect something for all the sailors on your holiday gift giving list

Sailing scheduler Harken’s Ultimate Sailing calendar features some of the best sailing photography of the year taken by Sharon Green, Gilles Martin-Raget, Jesús Renedo and other legendary sai
2022 October 1

Every summer schooners gather off the coast of Maine where sailors raise gaff topsails and fishermans and race a series of classic regattas that keeps maritime history alive

Schooners are like teachers, they never tell you all their secrets at once,” said Steve Frary, owner and skipper of the 63-foot schooner Narwhal.  “They want you to keep asking questions and
2022 September 29

The exciting group of new boats for 2023 has something for everyone. From luxury performance cruisers to zippy midsize racer-cruisers, boat design is evolving to make sailing faster and more comfortable.

J/45 This American girl has style. The latest cruiser from the company that redefined American yacht design blends performance with classic good looks. With a SA/D of 25.85, it has the horsepower
2022 September 1

A cruising crowd revisits their favorite Bahamas haunts and finds that much has changed, but the sailing, picturesque water and friendly people remain the same

A lot has changed in the three years since our group of chartering friends traveled together, and that held true for both our Bahamas destination and us. We booked this charter knowing that the A
2022 July 1

Igniting out-dated emergency flares could saddle sailors with stiff fines

Two Rhode Island men must pay fines for shooting emergency flares into the night sky to celebrate a friend’s wedding. The red aerial rockets set off a costly search-and-rescue operation by the U.S.
2022 June 1

You know how to sail, now learn how to sail better

There are more ways to become a better sailor today than ever before. Sailing schools have zeroed in on sailing aspirations and optimized their programs to help existing sailors make them a reality. A
2022 June 1
Thirty-one days into to what would be an 11,500-nautical-mile voyage, I found myself standing in front of Neptune and his court and chopped off my hair to chin length, tossing it in the wake of the 11
2022 April 1

Spice up a charter by throwing in some competitive fun

Chartering isn’t always about lolling around at anchor in turquoise splendor. For avid racers, bareboat chartering offers a chance to enjoy competition in new and exciting venues, with fresh opponen
2022 April 1

A learn-to-sail offshore charter through the Baltic Sea more than made up for a canceled transatlantic

Ever since I caught the offshore sailing bug some 15 years ago, I’ve aspired to sail across the North Atlantic. Plenty of people have done it, many of them multiple times. I bet, as I write, there

Perry on Design

  • Bob Perry gives the interior of a 1998 Farr-designed racer a makeover for offshore sail training

  • This next gen racer-cruiser is elegantly fast

  • A comfy cruiser with loads of interior space has options to suit many