SAILING Magazine Submission Guidelines

SAILING Magazine is a beautiful, oversized publication that is visually stunning as well as an informative and enjoyable read. We cover all aspects of sailing, from learning how to sail in a dinghy to crossing the ocean on a large cruiser to racing around the buoys against the best sailors in the world. We typically focus on sailing in places that are realistic destinations for our readers, but will occasionally feature an outstanding and unique sailing destination.

Although beautiful destinations are one of the best parts of cruising, we are first and foremost a sailing magazine, not a travel magazine. Writers should keep in mind that although the destination is important, getting to that destination under sail and sailing in that destination should be the focus of the piece.

Short news stories for Splashes range in length from 100 to 500 words. Features range in length from 1,000 to 3,000 words, but a story should not be stretched just for the sake of adding more words. SAILING's readers are experienced sailors, so articles should be written with that in mind, using proper sailing terminology and avoid undue explanation of basic sailing jargon. SAILING does not accept poetry, first-time sail experiences, fiction or log-type stories.

Sandalone photo submission is also accepted. Digital files should be high resolution original raw, tiff or jpegs. Slides, prints and negatives are not accepted except for historical context. Color colntact sheets are appreciated.

Because of our trademark large size, SAILING prides itself in working with the best photographers in the industry. Although snapshots are occasionally appropriate with a story, professional photography is preferred. Writers should have an idea of what kind of art would be appropriate with an article.

Articles should conform to AP Style. Editors will edit articles to conform to SAILING Magazine style when it differs from AP Style.

We pay for first-time North American rights. Payment is after publication and is based on how large and in what format an article runs, varying $50 to $500 for stories and $50 to $500 for photos

Submissions should be typed in Microsoft Word and may be e-mailed as an attachment to or mailed to SAILING Magazine editor, 125 E Main St., P.O. Box 249, Port Washington, WI 53074. If photos are also being submitted by email, they should be sent as low-resolution attachments, and under no circumstances, be embedded in a Microsoft Word document. SAILING will not accept PDF stories. Only submit photos via e-mail or ftp upon request. E-mail queries are also accepted.

Include a self-addressed, prepaid envelope if a return is requested.


Please allow up to three months for a response to unsolicited submissions sent either by snail mail or e-mail.

Updated 10/5/09

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