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2017 March 13
The Diam 24 One Design trimaran debuted in the U.S. market in Annapolis in October. Tucked away between larger, somewhat stoic sailboats, the Diam 24od seemed giddy, almost dancing as it tugged at the docklines. The layout is inviting and the boat seems to beckon passersby to step aboard.
2016 January 1
 Maine is home to many artists whose inspiration is the sea and whose mediums of choice are teak, mahogany and fiberglass. This 14-foot beauty is, at first glance, a true child of Maine.  The lines are curved and sexy. The hardware is custom built. The ropes are all three-strand, leading through bronze fittings and secured on handmade teak cleats. The woodwork trim is beautiful African mahogany and reflects the history of this fishing vessel. 
2015 July 1
Monohull one-design racing is as popular as ever, but it can be harder to find affordable one-design multihulls, especially trimarans. Corsair Marine aims to change that with its Pulse 600, a trailera
2015 June 1
A Seascape 27 won the doublehanded division of last year’s Chicago-Mackinac race, so there is no doubt about its racing credentials. A lot of boats fall into the racer-cruiser classification, b
2015 April 1
From the bird's eye view, the Dufour 350 looks like a race boat, with the beam carried far aft. That trickle-down feature from racers to cruisers has been a boon to sailboat designers because it increases the interior volume, allowing for more cruising gear and features inside the boat and more space in the cockpit. Dufour's designer, Felci Yacht Design, made full use of the extra space in the 350, a 34-foot, 9/10th fractionally rigged cruiser. This boat is loaded. 
2015 March 1
Sweden's Arcona Yachts built its reputation with durable, no-nonsense boats. The Arcona 380 is a 37-foot, nine-tenths fractional rig, bluewater boat designed as a successor to the venerable Arcona 400.
2015 February 1
There is a laundry list of things that make a sail-training boat great and most of them are based on compromises. It needs to be big enough to be comfortable for an instructor and at least a few stude
2014 December 1
 It’s a testament to the progressive design of the original J/97 that the new boat, the J/97 Evolution, required only modest design upgrades to make it stylistically competitive with the brand-
2014 November 1
It’s said that the Dutch invented daysailing, and Didden Jachtbouw’s Koopmans 28 SQ daysailer shows that the Dutch still know how to enjoy a day on the water.  A good daysailer need only sa
2014 September 1
Appearances can be deceiving. From a distance the Arbor 26 looks like a modern, fast weekender with a nine-tenths fractional rig and the profile of an Open 60, but a closer look shows its inner beauty: The Arbor 26 has a finely crafted wood hull.

Perry on Design

  • Bob Perry gives the interior of a 1998 Farr-designed racer a makeover for offshore sail training

  • This next gen racer-cruiser is elegantly fast

  • A comfy cruiser with loads of interior space has options to suit many