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2023 January 1

A spacious and lavish cruising cat with a look our reviewer likes

Let’s take a look at what the same designers, VPLP, can do with an extra 6 feet 6 inches of LOA. If you compare the two sailplan profiles I think you’ll see the establishment of a specific type of
2023 January 1

This sleek cat cruises with speed and comfort

It’s multihull month, aren’t we lucky? But there’s no point in getting all curmudgeonly about it. Today the charter boat scene is dominated by catamarans. They have a big footprint on the water
2022 November 1

A room with a view is found in this offshore cruiser with a spacious deck saloon

I live in the Pacific Northwest where we get more than our fair share of rain. I understand the appeal of a raised-saloon boat. Drop the hook in a remote harbor and sit inside dry, warm and comfy
2022 November 1

This midsize cruiser has options to suit all kinds of sailors

I have a soft spot for Dufour boats. I once sailed the Chicago-Mackinac Race in a Dufour Arpege 30. We were the slowest rated boat in the race and we lived up to our rating. I remember the heat a
2022 October 1

This stylish new Beneteau can be racy or cruisy

I think it’s fair to call the Beneteau First series the Beneteau “premier” line. These boats have a very good reputation for speed on the race course and the durability required to be raced
2022 October 1

Elegant and fast, this new Nautor design pulls out all the stops for great cruising

Oh boy! I’ve been looking forward to reviewing this new Swan 55. Why? German Frers is my favorite designer. He has an eye for subtle beauty, never “over designing” and he sure knows how to desig
2022 September 1

Attention to detail makes this cruiser stand out from the crowd

This month we have two handsome European designs in the contemporary style. The two boats are 7 feet 8 inches apart in LOA, but if you compare the profiles they are very close to identical. Seems like
2022 September 1

This cruiser keeps things elegant with Scandinavian flair

Now let’s look at the Arcona 50 and see what having another 7 feet 8 inches of LOA buys you. But first and I do think this is a first in the history of my design reviews: try as she might, Greta, my
2022 July 1

This German-built racer-cruiser keeps the sailing simple

We can have some fun this month comparing two new European production boats that have almost the same LOA. As you would expect, both boats are in the “contemporary” style. I’m inclined to use th
2022 July 1

A fast and sexy looking racer-cruiser that ups the cool factor

Here is a new design from Italian designer Maurizio Cossutti and the Italia Yachts design team. This boat is 2 feet longer on deck than the Dehler. The Italia group provided me with an extensive set o
2022 June 1

Bob Perry designs a custom 53-foot motorsailer with a Pacific Northwest aesthetic

My client writes: “I’ve admired Bob Perry’s designs for years and in 2010 we were fortunate enough to have our own Valiant 42 built (sadly the last hull laid up). She has taken care of us for th
2022 April 1

This sexy looking cruising cat was designed for speed

At first glance at the 2D sailplan this 44-foot catamaran appears to be a stubby and kind of awkward looking cat. But don’t be fooled. Add the third dimension, the depth and the complex geometry of
2022 April 1

The revival of Beneteau’s First series of racer-cruisers continues with this midsized family boat

This new Beneteau First model was designed by a team led by Kristian Hajnsek. Samuel Manuard, known for his Class 40 and IMOCA 60 class racers did the basic design. Structural design came from Pure De
2022 March 1

This beautiful daysailer will be created by build-it-yourselfers

I was cruising around on Facebook one day and I saw a boat that jumped out at me. It was a great looking boat and very nicely drawn. Clearly the designer had some well honed skills and a good eye
2022 March 1

A wolf in sheep’s clothing, this classic cruiser is deceptively powerful

Here’s an elegant design from the Hoek design office in Holland for Performance Classic Yachts in the United Kingdom. The company has built a series of Hoek designs in Turkey that have proven quite
2022 January 1

With a emphasis on performance, this cruising catamaran doesn’t skimp on comfort and styling

I understand that it is difficult to sell boats from two-dimensional working drawings for a new design. Many sailors have trouble reading 2D drawings and need 3D renderings to understand the new
2022 January 1

This cruising catamaran has room for a crowd to sail in comfort

I don’t know if many of you have heard the story of how I got my job as “technical editor” of SAILING but I’ll tell it again. It’s a funny story.It was late in 1974 and SAILING Editor M
2021 November 1

This swift family cruiser is handsome and thoughtfully laid out

Holy cow! My editor has given me two new French boats to review this month, the Oceanis 34.1 by Beneteau and the Sun Odyssey 380 by Jeanneau. I had to study these two boats carefully to even tell them
2021 November 1

This good-looking family cruiser’s deck is laid out for easy sailing

Now let’s see what Marc Lombard, the same designer as the Oceanis 31.4 can do when you give him a very similar design brief and an additional 2 feet 8 inches of additional hull length. Looking at th
2021 October 1

With a racer-cruiser pedigree, this performance cruiser will make speedy offshore passages

Sometimes when I listen to an old Jackson Brown album, I get the feeling that Mr. Brown had been following me around taking notes. I get a similar feeling when I look at a new J/Boats cruising design.

Perry on Design

  • A spacious and lavish cruising cat with a look our reviewer likes

  • This sleek cat cruises with speed and comfort

  • Elegant and fast, this new Nautor design pulls out all the stops for great cruising