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2024 June 1

This high-powered, high-tech cruising trimaran has speed to burn

Now for that contrast I mentioned earlier: The Rapido 40 designed by Morrelli & Melvin in southern California, is a high-performance, high-tech, folding trimaran built by Triac Composites in Ho Ch
2024 June 1

A daysailer with a vintage vibe will turn heads in every anchorage

We have two very contrasting designs to review this month. The first is this very special design that I’ll call a “weekender” although there’s nothing to stop it from sailing out for a mo
2024 June 1

This powerful performance cruiser exudes Italian style above and below deck

It was a brisk autumn day, which also meant there was wind. That isn’t always the case on the Chesapeake Bay, and I was looking forward to sailing in the best conditions I’d seen all week. The day
2024 April 1

This rugged pilothouse cutter can handle the rough stuff in comfort

When Yves-Marie, Chuck and I left Dick Carter’s tower in Nahant, Massachusetts, to try it on our own I don’t think either of us knew where the future would take us in the world of yacht design. We
2024 April 1

This small oceangoing cruiser can be built by DIY builders

It’s hard to find interesting designs for review these days. So this month I thought we’d try a little different approach. In early 1973 I quit my design job in Seattle, loaded my Peugeot wagon an
2024 April 1

Beneteau’s latest midsize racer-cruiser gets the mix right

The Beneteau First series has a long history and proud pedigree. Launched in the late 1970s, Beneteau First designs have collected wins all over the globe. Over time, the design ethos wavered a bit, b
2024 March 1

The redesign of a popular 50-foot cruiser offers better performance and more comfort

This month we are going to look at a revamp of the X4.9. I’m not very familiar with the 4.9 but the promotional material I have does a good job of highlighting the changes and there are many. X-Yach
2024 March 1

This folding trimaran for fun cruising offers plenty of options

Holy cow! We have a 40-foot folding trimaran to review. This will be fun. My buddy Doug, who lived on the next beach, had one. It wasn’t a Dragonfly but it was similar and not as nice as the Dragonf
2024 March 1

Jeanneau keeps pushing the boat design envelope with its breakthrough open-air deck saloon cruiser

The Annapolis Sailboat Show is the place to catch all the newest models making their debuts, but there’s always one boat that creates a bigger buzz than the rest. Last October the Jeanneau Yachts 55
2024 January 1

This performance cruising catamaran takes aim at monohull sailors with its simple elegance and sprightly performance

The Excess 14 was in high demand for test sails following the Annapolis Sailboat Show in October. It was easy to see why as the boat swung by my pickup point at the end of the South Annapolis Yacht Ce
2024 January 1

An American-built pilothouse cruiser keeps you out of the rain

I can’t recall seeing a Tim Jackett design I did not admire. Tim’s eye captures class proportions and shapes while insuring that performance does not take a back set to aesthetics. It’s sim
2024 January 1

This performance cruiser has Italian flair

Here’s a new model from the Solaris yard in Aquileia, Italy. The design is by Javier Soto Acebal, with design contributions from the yard’s in-house design team. In keeping with the well-establish
2023 November 1

Retro style but modern performance are the trademarks of this new cruiser

It’s exciting to see Mark Mills step away from his ultra-high-performance sportboats and show us what he can do when asked for a custom 41-foot cruising boat. The client asked for a fast cruiser tha
2023 November 1

This powerful one-design racer has a superyacht pedigree

I’m not sure when I first became aware of Wally yachts. They are built in Milan, Italy. The company concentrates on maxi types with very sophisticated design work from a number of top designers. The
2023 October 1

This new sportboat is the shape of things to come

I’m struggling to find a name for the new crop of high-performance racers like this brand new ClubSwan 28. They are not extreme. I’d say the label of extreme belongs to the foiling America’s Cup
2023 October 1

This large cruiser has a plan to fit all types

Now we will flip the design focus 180 degrees and see what designers Berrett-Racoupeau do when the focus is on volume for an LOA limit as opposed to the SwanClub 28’s focus on boat speed for a given
2023 September 1

This next gen racer-cruiser is elegantly fast

Once in a while someone will ask me, “Who is your favorite designer?” It depends on the day and my mood but I usually have a very short list, if you rule out designers no longer with us. Currently
2023 September 1

A comfy cruiser with loads of interior space has options to suit many

Beneteau is certainly the big name in production boats today. It has a lot of practice providing boats that serve a wide range of buyers. Part of the company’s success is its pursuit of interior vol
2023 July 1

Bob Perry gives the interior of a 1998 Farr-designed racer a makeover for offshore sail training

It was quiet in my office, except for my hi-fi. It seemed like with my move to the new beach shack there was the inference that I had retired. Not so. I’m not dead yet. Bruised maybe, but not dead.
2023 June 1

Beautifully designed by German Frers, this powerful cruiser is built for the open ocean

Now let’s see what Hallberg-Rassy working with my favorite designer, German Frers, can do with the volume issue. This is a substantially heavier boat than the Jeanneau. Heavier means more displ

Perry on Design

  • This high-powered, high-tech cruising trimaran has speed to burn

  • A daysailer with a vintage vibe will turn heads in every anchorage

  • This folding trimaran for fun cruising offers plenty of options