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2014 December 1 - 12:00 am
Some boats are meant for a lot of daysailing, a little bit of cruising and maybe one longer cruise a year in nearby waters. That’s where a boat like the Cal 33 comes in.  The
2014 December 1 - 12:00 am
 If you had to choose a modern manufacturer and a designer with a timeless sense of style, the combination of German Frers and Swan would be at the top of the list. Swans are expensive boats beca
Boat Doctor
2014 November 1 - 12:00 am
Dear Boat Doctor, I have a 1974 Cal T2-27 with a Yanmar 1GM10. My prop is a twin-blade 12RH10 and my prop walk to port when in reverse is pretty significant. My slip situation calls
2014 September 1 - 12:00 am

A solar charging system not only saves money long-term but might allow you to go completely engine-free

Going offshore is all about unplugging, so it’s somewhat ironic that sailin

Perry on Design

  • A fresh new look from a leading builder of offshore cruising yachts

  • Safe and sporty design for shorthanded cruising

  • Lots of features in this smaller cat from the design table of Morelli and Melvin