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October 2011

2011 October 3


18    'A Needle in a Haystack'
Sociable crew offers details of a textbook rescue in Chicago Mac race; investigation into deaths ongoing

40    Return to Drowned Island
The popular British Virgin Islands hold new charm for a grown family rediscovering old haunts on an off-season charter

47    The Helen of the West Indies
The lure of St. Lucia's beauty could launch a 1,000 ships, and certainly makes for a memorable charter cruise

59    Hightailing it to Hawaii
Slow to pick up speed, the Transpac Yacht Race from Los Angels to Hawaii had a rip-roaring finish up the Molokai Channel-Just ask Dr. Laura

63    By Land and Sea
Land-based sailing vacations offer the best of both worlds

Boats & Gear

26    Technique
Diesel defense

28    Gear
Foul weather gear

30    Boat Doctor
Replacing LED bulbs and propane for the grill

31    Perry on Design
Soto 30; Catalina 355; Salona 38

34    Boat Test


5    For Openers

8    Full and By
Marji, though no spring chicken, knows how to show a sailor a good time

10    Letters

11    On the Wind
Don't let life's troubles keep you from sailing-seize the day

14    Splashes
Little Dutch Shoes and Sailors for Vets

22    Sailors Among Us
Inland Love: Surrounded by plains, one sailor finds serenity in Lake Oahe

70    Launchings
New boat: Hunter e33

71    The Wharf
Brokerage, charters and other sailing-related products
and services