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November/December 2023

2023 November 1

Table of Contents


They just did it

A young couple threw out the plan and set sail on a circumnavigation

Memories restored, one plank at a time

A boatowner shows the depth of her love for a 15-foot clinker-built dinghy

New boat showcase

This year’s fleet of new boats has something for every type of sailor

Gifts for sailors

SAILING’s editors pick their favorites

Boats & Gear 

Technique: Splicing Dyneema

Technique: Keeping insects out 

Perry on Design: Wallyrocket 51 and Rapide 41

Used Boat Notebook: Hunter 450 Passage

Gear: Sailing navigational apps

Boat Doctor: Tachometer troubles and installing lazy jacks


For Openers

Full and By: A wacky idea turned brilliant, and Walter was there to see it

On the Wind: Sailors’ reputations are built at sea not by who they are on land

Splashes: The J/70 North American fleet battles off Chicago

Nautical Library: Finding adventure at sea

The Wharf: Brokerage, charters and other sailing related goods and services 

Your Beauty of Sail: Readers’ photos

On the Cover: The Solaris 44 sets the A-sail and takes off. The boat made its U.S. debut at the fall boat shows. For more on next year’s new boats, turn to page 48.