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The great escape

2015 February 3

Has the polar vortex frozen your home sailing waters solid? Thaw out your flip-flops and get away to SAILING Magazine’s Top 10 places to go sailing now

7. The Leeward Islands

The islands of St. Kitts, Statia and Nevis are cruising just a bit off the beaten path. The roadstead anchorages offer access to seldom-traveled parts of Caribbean steeped in history. Climb to the top of Statia (St. Eustatius) to Fort Oranje for sensational views of the Caribbean. And hiking the natural trails inland rewards you with a view of the Quill, a semitropical rain forest and botanical garden in a volcanic crater. A night off Pinney Beach on Nevis is a must. Make sure to dine at Sunshine’s beach bar for some of the best lobster in the Caribbean.

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