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Spring spruce-up

2016 March 1

Whether your boat has enjoyed a winter off or it’s time to take on some annual chores, our guide to fitting out will make sure your boat is ready for a great year of sailing

Do a safety inspection

Make a list of all the safety equipment on the boat: Life jackets, harnesses, man-overboard units, Lifesling, flares, life rafts, EPIRB or PLB, fire extinguishers, radios and flashlights are among the more common items. Inspect every item on the list, making sure they are up-to-date and adequate for the type of sailing you do and the people you expect to sail with you this year. Make sure that inflatable life jackets have been rearmed recently, flares are not expired and put new batteries in flashlights. Keep spares of all batteries used on the boat.

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