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Sailing's Best Photos of the Year

2019 November 1

SAILING Magazine’s contributing photographers share their favorite images and what makes them so special

The 12-Meter Intrepid heads out of Newport Harbor on the Around-the-Island Race in June. “I love this image because as a kid I had a black-and-white poster of her sailing on Rhode Island Sound in the 1970s,” said photographer Paul Todd. “When her owner Jack Curtin asked me to sail, I jumped at the chance. There was a stiff breeze blowing as we beat upwind toward Beaver Tail light in a big swell, crossing tacks Victory 83 and K-22. I was hunched in a small aft hatchway being thrown around like a carnival ride, dodging breaking waves as they rolled down the leeward deck. Cameras hate salt water.” outsideimages.com

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