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Gift for Sailors

2019 November 1

SAILING’s editors share their picks for holiday gift giving

Smartphones today are pretty much cameras that can make phone calls. The only thing they are missing is something to protect them from the rigors of onboard use. ProShot makes a waterproof  (down to 50 feet) and shockproof case that comes with a floating hand grip. Functions on the phone run through an app that turns the volume buttons into the controls as the touchscreen won’t work with the case on. A variety of accessories including speciality lenses and other mounts are available. Cases fit most iPhones. ProShot iPhone case, $120, www.proshotcase.com

Know a sailor who could use some help staying out of the sun? Gill’s take on the sun hat is made of lightweight, water repellent fabric with a removable chin strap and toggle adjustment for a secure fit. Gill Technical Sun Hat, $20, www.gillmarine.com

 A beautiful windchime with a hint of nautical flair and a pleasing low tone is perfect for just about anyone with some outdoor space to enjoy. This one has a choice of windcatchers to customize it. Bar Harbor Bell, $65, www.northcountrywindbells.com

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