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Gift for Sailors

2019 November 1

SAILING’s editors share their picks for holiday gift giving

The gift of dry feet is one every sailor will be forever grateful for. Zhik’s updated seaboot offers full waterproofing, neoprene and rubber construction with an integrated gaiter without sacrificing agility. Sure, it’s a unique look but dry feet are always fashionable. ZK Seaboot 900, $300, www.zhik.com


The Blackfin Model V inflatable paddleboard has a nice balance between size—it’s long enough to track well on long paddles—stability and capacity—it can carry up to a whopping 485 pounds—in a lighter package, making it perfect for sailors who are looking more for exercise than just anchorage exploration. iRocker inflatable SUP, $949, www.irockersup.com

Brion Toss is the expert in all things ropework, and anyone who needs to brush up on their splicing and ropework will appreciate the second edition of his book “The Complete Rigger’s Apprentice.” Throw in a splicing kit if the recipient has been an extra good sailor this year. The Complete Rigger’s Apprentice, $40, www.briontoss.com

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