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Andrews 28

2008 October 30
Here's a new fast looking racer-cruiser from one of my favorite designers, Alan Andrews, who has his office in Long Beach, California. Over the years I think all of Alan's boats have been excellent performers and I don't see why this little dual-purpose design should be any different. "Dual purpose" might be a bit confusing. Is it a racer or is it a cruiser? I spoke to the builder, Ivan Ivandic of Sylvana Yachts Inc. up in Penticton, British Columbia, the heart of Canada's wine region, and he said the boat is a "sport cruiser." That's a new category for me but I like it. This boat combines the performance of a sport boat with the comfort of a family cruising boat. It would be hard to ask for more out of one boat.

The D/L for this design is 98.05 and the L/B is 2.82. So we can call this a light and beamy boat. I don't have any hull lines but looking at the pictures of the boat I don't see any hollow in the entry. The turn to the bilge looks firm and the stern is broad. The boat has high freeboard and this gives it a bit of a stubby look. That is a compromise with the cruising interior. Low freeboard is fast but does not make for a boat with any headroom. The deep fin keel is retractable for trailering. When retracted, there are still about 24 inches of keel protruding but this fits easily on a trailer and the boat can be ramp launched. Draft is 7 feet with the keel down and 2 feet, 5 inches with it retracted. The carbon fiber rudder blade slides into an outboard carbon fiber cassette so that it can be easily removed or retracted for trailering. Note how far forward on the keel fin the bulb is positioned. In most cruising boats you struggle to get the keel fin aft while keeping the center of gravity of the ballast forward. With a T-configuration fin and bulb this is easily accomplished.

The 28 is laid out with a double quarterberth aft and V-berth forward. There are settees amidships but they look too short to be to be used as berths. There is a head aft to starboard and a galley to port. The keel trunk extends up under the drop-leaf dining table. There is a nav station directly forward of the head. The finish of this interior is all white and clean looking. If you prefer the look of wood veneers and trim I suspect you will find this interior a little too cold and clinical looking. All interior panels including the cabin sole are cored.

The rig features a deck-stepped carbon fiber mast for ease in trailering. The SA/D is 28.17 so this boat has plenty of sail area for good light-air speed. The double spreaders are swept 22 degrees. A retractable sprit allows a huge masthead chute to be carried.

The cockpit is quite roomy. There are seat backs forward and the helmsman sits on the deck aft. The mainsheet traveler is on the cockpit sole immediately ahead of the helmsman. The tiller is carbon fiber.

This will be a boat that is easy to own. For me the size is near perfect. There is no wood on deck so a bucket and a brush is all you will need to keep it shining. The engine is a sail drive, 10-horsepower Yanmar 1GM10 under the companionway.

LOA 28'; LWL 25'9"; Beam 9'11"; Draft 7' (keel down), 2'5" (keel up); Displacement 3,750 lbs.; Ballast 1,290 lbs.; Sail area 425 sq. ft.; SA/D 28.17; D/L 98.05; L/B 2.82; Auxiliary Yanmar 1GM10 10-hp; Fuel 10 gals.; Water 5 gals.

Designer: Alan Andrews Yacht Design, 259 Marine Dr., Long Beach, CA 90803, (562) 594-9189, www.andrewsyacht.com.

Builder: Sylvana Yachts, 184 Commercial Pl., Penticton, B.C., V2A 3H7, Canada, (250) 492-4214, www.sylvanayachts.com.

OBE: $98,000
Our Best Estimate of the sailaway price