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April 2011

2011 April 1


30    Channel Surfing
A charter cruise in Lake Huron's North Channel went
from rip-snorting sailing to idyllic anchorages

35    Charter Close to Home
The United States and its nearby waters offer some of
the best affordable cruising yet

41    California Cruising
A group charter sails through California's remote Channel
Islands checking them off the list one by one

56     Over a Shallow Sea
The thin waters of the Abacos entrance a Canadian
couple escaping the cold with a Bahamian charter cruise

Boats & Gear

20    Gear
Handy products to tackle little problems on board

22     Technique
Skipper skills

24     Boat Doctor
Proper battery size

25    Perry on Design
Sabre 456, Farr 400, Little Cloud

28    Used Boat Notebook
Ericson 34


5    For Openers

6    Full and By
For sailors and other lovers of the sea, a dirty side to
clean energy

8    Letters

9    On the Wind
Sailing can foster self-reliance without the Mommy boat

10     Splashes
Teen-age circumnavigation

16    Nautical Library
Robin Knox-Johnston's latest and lots of knots

60        Launchings
Somali pirates kill American cruising sailors

61        The Wharf
Brokerage, charters and other sailing-related products
and services