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A better mousetrap for mugs

2013 May 20

It's an age-old sailing problem: keeping drinks inside cups instead of spilling them on the deck. Many inventors have created solutions,from wide-bottomed mugs with narrow mouths to spill-proof travel cups. Even with all those alternatives, the standard ceramic household mug is still a favorite for coffee.
Now, Ecotop lets sailors drink from their favorite mug without spilling. It's a washable lid that fits firmly into the tops of most 3-inch-wide cups or mugs and is held in place with soft silicone rings. Ecotop seals the beverage inside the cup until a valve is clicked open for drinking, and resealed with another click. Since the lid seals closed, it can be used like a cocktail shaker to mix everything from instant breakfast drinks to mixed drinks.

Not just for adult sailors, Ecotop keeps very young sailors from making major spills.Ecotop's are customizable with a boat's name or business logo, and come in a variety of colors. They cost $6.

For more information visit www.ecotopusa.com or call 855-326-8677.