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November 2014

2014 November 1


Grand solitude

A charter cruise around Brazil’s Ilha Grande is miles away from the bustle of Rio de Janeiro

Can’t keep this Jersey girl down

After Hurricane Sandy destroyed the Raritan Yacht Club fleet, Jersey sailors rallied to rebuild the Cal 40 Sinn Fein

Daring to dream

Dave Rearick discovers the joy of circumnavigating the world solo, fulfilling his life’s ambition

A day in a life raft

What happens once you’re in a life raft? A group of safety experts hunkers down in one for 24 hours to find out

Boats & Gear 


Handheld VHF radios

Boat Doctor

Strategies to overcome prop walk


Rendering assistance at sea

Perry on Design

Marlow-Hunter 37, Elan 400, Varianta 37


For Openers

Full and By

The rime of this mariner is haunted by a bird on a wand

On the Wind

Flotation buys time when the unthinkable happens to sailors


Hooray for Herreshoff and Bart’s Bash

Nautical Library

An illustrated nautical dictionary in nine languages and three books about getting away from it all


New boat: Koopmans 28 SQ

The Wharf

Brokerage, charters and other sailing-related products and services