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Civilization in the distance

2018 May 1

The pristine cruising grounds in British Columbia’s Haida Gwaii Islands are a step back in time

The schooner Passing Cloud anchors in a cove off Haida Gwaii.
Susan Colby photo


Because Gwaii Haanas is a conservation reserve, fishing is limited but where it is allowed, it is excellent. As Matt knows all the good fishing, crabbing and shrimping areas, we were treated to fresh lingcod, Dungeness crab and spot prawns. 

The preparation and presentation of three meals and two snacks every day was mind-boggling. Having cooked on a charter boat during a far-off point in my life, I remember well the hard work it takes to pull off a gourmet meal. So I really appreciated our chef, Natasha’s hard work as she prepared and presented not just food, but gourmet dishes, incorporating the fresh seafood and also ingredients she foraged for ashore. Sea asparagus and a variety of seaweeds showed up daily in creative ways.  

A group of Stellar sea lions make their rookery on Gwaii Haanas.
Susan Colby photo


As our week came to an end, our last evening on board was a time for contemplation and reflection. For me, the week was about re-connecting not just with sailing, but with the adventure of life itself, which can be so easily ignored or lost in our noisy, connected world “out there.” 

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