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March 2009

2009 March 1


Island Uprising
A program that ensures all Bermuda youth go sailing is a model for efforts in the United States

Blowing through Bonaire
In the midst of a world cruise, a Scottish couple stops in Bonaire to share their sailing stories

Countdown to Launch
Experts offer tips on how to work with your boatyard to get your boat in the water and
ready for the season

Fitting Out Checklist

The Summer of 94 Daysails
While other boats languished in their slips, one man went sailing­-a lot

Boats & Gear

Choosing a marina

Used Boat Notebook
Hylas 44

Cabin bedding

Perry on Design
Tartan 5100, Antrim Class 40, Akilaria Class 40, Sizzler

Boat Doctor
Advice on outboards, solar panels and folding props

Boat Test
Bavaria 34


For Openers

Full &?By
Being paid to sail fast-what's to complain about?


On the Wind
Koch's missive captures essence of America's Cup debacle

Schooner America goes whale watching

Nautical Library
Restoring a Herreshoff and the woman who took on the Pacific alone

Hutchinson and Tunnicliffe win Rolex awards

The Wharf
Brokerage, charters and other sailing-related products and services