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How do I replace my Marshall 22 diesel tank?

2011 November 1

Dear Boat Doctor,
I own a 1989 Marshall 22 catboat. My diesel tank is leaking and I need to replace it. Do you have any advice on how to remove and replace the tank?
via sailingmagazine.net

Dear Jesse,
Marshall Marine (508-994-0414, www.marshallcat.com) is the best source of information on the boat, and they are still in business in South Dartmouth, Massachusetts.
The fuel tank is in bottom of the forward starboard cockpit locker, it can be removed without cutting anything. The tank is strapped to one of the hull stringers. Of course, the tank needs to be emptied first. Then remove the hoses attached to the tank: the large fill hose, the feed to the engine, return line and vent line.

Marshall Marine is the best source for a new tank. The company tries to keep a new tank in stock at all times, but worst case it could be several weeks to have one fabricated. The cost is approximately $700. Good luck and have a great time with that modern classic.