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Maxus EVO 24

2018 May 1

A weekender with a surprisingly roomy interior

We don’t get too many boats to review from Poland but here is a new 24-footer from the Northman Shipyard. The designer is Jacek Daszkiewicz, who is part of an in-house design team at the yard that uses 3D modeling and CNC cutting for the tooling and production elements. This is a centerboard boat designed to be a fun sailer while offering some creature comforts below for a couple or two.

 This is a beamy boat. The L/B is 2.89. Anything under 3 you can consider beamy. There is very little overhang, about 12 inches, and it’s all aft. The DWL of 23 feet gives us a D/L of 158. On small boats I usually include crew weight into the displacement but in this case I did not. The forefoot knuckle is very abrupt, the stem is dead plumb and there is no camber to the dead plumb transom. The stern is very wide and there is a chine aft. The topsides above the chine are very slab. This gives the hull a kind of boxy look but I like the look. The boat is self-righting with the centerboard up. There is 1,100 pounds of internal ballast in the hull and a single rudder.

There’s a small galley to starboard and a head to port. Forward of this are the settees and forward of that the V-berth. I like the fact that the designers gave some volume to the galley and head. Ergonomics do come into play when you start minimizing living components. There is a double berth aft of the companionway, but you must have to squeeze by the companionway ladder to access it. Note the large drop-leaf dining table mounted on the centerboard trunk.

The rig is typical of what we see today, fractional with swept spreaders. The SA/D is 19.54 and the mainsail is shown with a 16- inch-long headboard for an almost “fat head” look to the main. There’s a short, fixed bowsprit.

This is a very good looking little package. The deck styling is simple and effective. Someone at the yard has a very good eye. This would be a fun boat for a small family.

LOA 27’1”; LOD 24’1”; LWL 23’ Beam 8’4”; Draft retracted 1’ board down 4’5”; Displ. 4,300 lbs.; Ballast 1,100 lbs.; Sail area 323 sq. ft.; SA/D 19.54; D/L 158; L/B 2.89; Auxiliary 5- to 10-hp outboard

Our best estimate of the sailaway price: $31,000

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