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March 2016

2016 March 10

Table of Contents


Just sail

Practical purists are sailing the world engine-free and finding a list of reasons why cruising sans iron genny is the way to go

One to remember

A boat’s delivery to its new home becomes an unforgettable passage when the boat’s acclaimed designer, Nigel Irens, comes along for the ride

Spring spruce-up

Whether your boat has enjoyed a winter off or it’s time to take on some annual chores, our guide to fitting out will make sure your boat is ready for a great year of sailing

Boats & Gear 


How to be a great crewmember

Boat Doctor

AIS antenna installation


Dodgers and bimini tops; new gear gadgets

Perry on Design

Three boats by American designers—the Catalina 425, Melges 14 and Tartan 3600—showcase new ideas

Used Boat Notebook

Baba 35


For Openers

Full and By

Pity the sailor who can’t find a breeze on a planet with so many winds

On the Wind

Don’t let politics spoil the fundamental democratic nature of sailing



Stormy Key West race week and an around-the-world dash

Nautical Library

Teenage memoir at sea, capsize examined, new ASA app


Robin Knox-Johnson set the stage for circumnavigators 


New boat: Delphia 46DS

The Wharf

Brokerage, charters and other sailing-related products and services