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2019 February 1

February 2019


Ludicrous speed on hard water 

For hardy iceboaters, the racing season gets going fast when it freezes

Racing the rock

The Golden Rock Regatta brings sailors back to the Leewards year after year

Maiden on a mission

Tracy Edwards found her former Whitbread racer and set off around the world with a new generation of female sailors

Back on island time

The islands decimated by two record hurricanes in 2017 are fully back in action for the winter sailing season

Boats & Gear 

Perry on Design: Two different takes on the offshore cruising concept: Swan 54 and Expedition Yacht Qilak 2

Gear: Inflatable tenders

Technique: How to deploy a sentinel anchor

The Boat Doctor: Fixing an alternator that eats belts


For Openers

Full and By: A grim but uplifting show by those blessed (or cursed) with the adventure gene


On the Wind: There’s nothing more comforting or more useful at sea than a favorite watch cap

Splashes: Classic Aussie 18s fly across Sydney Harbor and the Sydney-Hobart Race

The Wharf: Brokerage, charters and other sailing-related products and services

On the Cover: Alba tucks into a corner of the British Virgin Islands. Turn to Perry on Design, page 54, to read more about this new cruiser. Cover picture by Carlo Borlenghi