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2008 July 23

Dear friends in the sailing business:

No magazine makes sailing look better than SAILING. Our mission is to stir our readers' love of sailing with every issue. We do it with beautiful photography-that's our signature and the reason we maintain the luxury of the largest page size of any American sailing magazine-but we also do it with comprehensive editorial content that satisfies our readers' thirst for sailing information with everything from technical analysis by the most respected experts in their fields (the likes of Bob Perry and John Kretschmer) to riveting sailing adventure articles. And while other magazines in the world of sailing are content to exist in calm, sheltered waters, SAILING devotes pages in every issue to the always thought-provoking, sometimes controversial views of two prize-winning opinion columnists. The result of all of this is a highly involved and engaged readership.

Check out that readership in our demographic profile. You'll see a snapshot of men and women who are financially successful and committed to devoting a substantial portion of the fruits of that success to boats, sails, equipment and sailing experiences. A very positive trend we're seeing is that SAILING readers are getting younger-more people new to sailing have joined the ranks of our readership, bringing with them a vigor and enthusiasm that can only bolster results for SAILING advertisers.

There is something else about SAILING that is hard to measure but that we find all the time in our contacts with the public at boat shows and in lively email, website and telephone dialog with sailors: People respect SAILING. They have a high regard for the way we present the sport they love. Ask around. You're likely to hear that no magazine makes sailing look better than SAILING.


Bill Schanen
Editor and Publisher