May 2014

2014 May 3


40 Learn to sail better

Schools are offering more intermediate and advanced classes for sailors rediscovering the sport and improving
their skills

46 Growing up Aussie

A challenging youth sailing program that launched the career of America's Cup winning skipper James Spithill strives to do the same for a new generation of kids

65 Boat for rent

Peer-to-peer boat rentals are flourishing among sailors looking to explore new waters and owners looking to capitalize on that desire

Boats & Gear

22 Technique

Upwind sail trim

25 Perry on Design

Hanse 445, C&C Redline 41, Eagle 54

28 Boat Test

Hanse 505

34 Gear

Topside paint

37 Boat Doctor

Hull crack repair

38 Used Boat Notebook

Hunter 31


7 For Openers

8 Full and By

Grog and layers aren't going to cut it in wake of polar vortex

10 Letters

12 On the Wind

When it comes to logbooks, paper is the way to go

14 Splashes

Rocket-revival: stern steerer iceboats sail again

19 Nautical Library

Bounty's loss and lessons learned

62 Sailor Among Us

Coming late to the cruising life

68 Launchings

New boat: Aureus XV Absolute

69 The Wharf

Brokerage, charters and other sailing-related products
and services