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2000 August 1

{slide=Xtypo styles}The xTypo plugin offers some additional typographical featues that can be inserted into articles via bracketted commands like any other plugin.

Click here for a PDF of the xTypo commands and example output.

{/slide}{slide=Template Styles}Certain typographical enhancements are part of the master template's style sheets and can be used by coding references to their appropriate IDs and Classes into your page elements. They also appear as options in the 'styles' selection box in the installed rich text editors (TinyMCE, JCE), so they can be used without directly manipulating the underlying code, though often that is necessary for proper output results.

Click here for a PDF of the template styles and example output. Note that there are several color variationsfor all typographical styles in the installed template. Darker, usually orange on black styles apply when the "dark" theme for this template is active. Ligher, blue on white styles apply when the "light" theme is activated. For this site only the light theme is active and available. Some of the darker theme colorings will still appear in editor screens, but this is not how the actual page output will look.