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Stretch the exhaust hose on engine fix

2009 May 1
No one person can have all the answers, even the Boat Doctor. I have gotten great reader input on some problems that I recently addressed.

Dear Boat Doctor,
In the matter of the exhaust hose replacement on the Tartan 10 from the April issue, I might be able to offer an alternate technique of replacement. I had a Tartan 27-II with the Farymann "one-lung" diesel and had the pleasure of replacing the exhaust hose.
I used a length of hose with the smaller of the two inner diameters. For the larger of the two fittings, I stretched the hose on a conical steel muffler expanding tool. With the aid of a heat gun and a little grease, I managed to finesse the hose on. You might pass this along to Mr. Brezina.
Alternatively, he could install a two-cylinder Yanmar.
Bob Millstein
Pleasantville, New York

Dear Bob,
I Iike your idea: Stretching or overclamping is never a good idea but sometimes you just need to. The muffler tool would nicely stretch the hose, then you could quickly slip it onto the larger fitting.