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What should I use for shore-tie lines?

2011 June 3

Dear Boat Doctor,
I am planning a trip to the North Channel this summer and I want to be prepared with some shore tie mooring lines. These lines need to be quite long, and this amount of nylon dockline is rather expensive. I was looking at some yellow polypropylene rope but it wasn't very strong for its size and I was told it wouldn't hold up well in the sun. Do you have any other suggestions for me?
Jim Braun
Traverse City, Michigan

Dear Jim,
A shore tie can be very useful in the North Channel. There is nothing better than tucking up into a tight cove and this often requires securing the boat to trees. As you stated, nylon would work well but it is rather pricey. Polypro is OK but I don't really like it for the reasons you state. I'd suggest that you take a look a Samson Ultra Blue. Made of an olefin fiber, it is about 35% stronger than polypro, wears better and has great UV resistance. And best of all, the price is comparable.