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The antidote for the sailing blues

2016 January 1

We offer sailing experiences to do now that will tide over restless sailors until the season starts


Get your sailing fix at the same time you improve your sailing skills by spending some of the off season taking a class to bone up on your knowledge or learn a new aspect of the sport. Hundreds of schools around the country offer courses for all skill levels from basic knowledge to bareboat chartering, racing and specialized certifications on things like docking, celestial navigation, offshore passagemaking and more. Find an American Sailing Association school near you or one you’d like to visit at www.asa.com, or check out the course offerings from other schools such as Offshore Sailing at www.offshoresailing.com, J/World at www.jworldschool.com or other US Sailing-accredited schools at www.sailingcertification.net.

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