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The antidote for the sailing blues

2016 January 1

We offer sailing experiences to do now that will tide over restless sailors until the season starts


Regardless of the race, some boat is always looking for crew and many races now offer crew search boards on their websites. Take advantage of this resource and find yourself a ride. Even if you don’t have any racing experience, many skippers are happy to add an enthusiastic sailor to the crew. Be honest and upfront about your skills and if you’re willing to take on galley duty or are happy to just ride the rail and pitch in where you’re needed, say so. Expect to pay for your own travel and lodging expenses and offer to help out with provisioning or delivering the boat to or from the race if you’re able. Some races that might fit the bill include Charleston Race Week in April, www.charlestonraceweek.com; the St. Maarten Heineken Regatta in early March, www.heinekenregatta.com; or the San Diego to Puerto Vallarta Race in late February, http://pvrace.com/?pv. Or consider signing on to crew for a delivery through Offshore Passage Opportunities at www.sailopo.com.

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