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Fancy knotwork

2017 April 11

Bone up on your knot-tying skills with a few out-of-the-box fun and useful projects

Flat braid

This flat braid could be used as a key fob, shackle pull or a somewhat utilitarian bell rope. You can adjust the size by using different size line or making more loops.

1. Begin with a loop of line about 24 inches long. For a lanyard you start with the knot shown, but the knot can be formed around a key ring and the entire length of the long loop can covered in knots. Start by creating a U-shaped knot by extending the left end the line out straight and making a loop (crossing under) with your right hand.  Make a U shape (this will be the length of your braid), crossing under the main line from the left then make a loop over it and under the U, pulling it through the loop on the right. 


2. Draw the knot up tight, and begin braiding by crossing each end of the line through the other, with one size passing under the U and the other passing over the U.


3. Continue braiding, alternating the side of the braid that goes under or over the U each time. 


4. Once the braid is the desired length, pull the tails tight, cut them and melt them in place. 


You can combine these two knot skills into one by leaving the ends of a monkey’s fist longer and drawing them up into a flat braid tail.

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