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Multifunction displays

2018 November 1


new series of multifunction displays from Garmin include a host of new features, including Garmin SailAssist that provides data, display and prerace guidance, built-in sonar on some models, new BlueChart g3 coastal cartography and LakeVü g3 maps with Navionics data to provide navigational aids, spot soundings, depth contours, tide and current information and detailed harbor information. The system also offers built-in Auto Guidance that searches charts to create a suggested path based on the boat, avoiding low bridges, shallow water and other obstructions. The units, which are available in 10-, 12- and 16-inch sizes offer networking to allow sailors to customize their system based on their needs. Garmin GPSMAP 8600/8600xsv multifunction displays, $2,500-$6,000, www.garmin.com