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Gift for sailors

2020 November 1

SAILING’s editors share their picks for holiday gift giving

Every sailors needs a great knife. Both of these feature a blunt tip, one-handed opening, and steel that will stand the test of time. Spyderco’s Atlantic Salt Green with integrated shackle key, $142, www.spyderco.com 

Boye Knives’ Dendritic Cobalt steel knife with titanium marlinspike and shackle key, $219, www.boyeknives.com


The Barton EasySplice makes for easy, neat and secure Brummel splices. $40, www.bartonmarine.com

Handcrafted and highly customizable, the Windjammer seabag is an heirloom quality ditty bag that will last a lifetime (with a warranty to prove it). Starting at $429, www.shipcanvas.com


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