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Gifts for Sailors

2023 November 1

SAILING’s editors pick their favorite gifts ideas sailors of all stripes

Discreet nausea control


Reliefband’s Premier model looks more like a stepcounter than a nausea-relief device, so seasickness-prone sailors can get relief without advertising the malady. It works with the same system as other Reliefband styles, using electrical pulses to stimulate the nerves that control nausea and vomiting. $280, www.reliefband.com

Heirloom-quality instruments


A handsome ship’s clock and barometer are a stunning addition to any sailor’s home or even their boat. Wempe USA’s Regatta II Complete set includes three stunning instruments-—a quartz ship’s clock, aneroid barometer and a thermometer/hygrometer— with black faces and a highly polished chrome-plated finish all mounted on a polished black board. The German-made instruments feature excellent craftsmanship and precision. $3,250, www.wempeusa.com

Recycled warmth

Made with recycled polyester fleece and recycled polyester ripstop and insulated with post-consumer recycled polyester, Patagonia’s Re-Tool Hybrid Hoody for men and Re-Tool Hybrid Jacket for women are a warm and cozy layer for after those cold sailing days. Hoody $329, Jacket $299, www.patagonia.com

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