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September 2016

2016 September 20


Tor Johnson photo



New boats for 2017

A look at some of the new models in advance of the fall boat shows

Paradise times two

Exploring the native beauty of Tahiti is even better on the stable platform of the twin hulls of a catamaran

Racing into cruising

Longtime racing sailors take a leap into cruising, sailing their new performance catamaran across the ocean in the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers

Boats & Gear 

Perry on Design

The Maine Cat 38, Explocat 52 and Discovery 21 offer unique multihull features


Blocks: reinventing the wheel

Boat Doctor

Computer monitor advice

Boat Test

Leopard 44


MOB recovery on a cat


For Openers

Full and By

The storm that wasn’t cost some sailors a nice ride to Bermuda

On the Wind

The sailing mind


Records fall while kids steal the show in the Newport Bermuda race

Nautical Library

A book for every cat sailor’s library


New boat: Seawind 1190 Sport

The Wharf

Brokerage, charters and other sailing-related products and services