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Are folding props prone to problems?

2009 March 1
Dear Boat Doctor,
I have a Pearson 32 with an Atomic 4 engine. The boat has a folding prop but I am having problems with it.

I race the boat so I want a prop with low drag, but I am nervous about getting another folder. Do you have any advice?

Richard Riley
Tampa Bay, Florida

Dear Richard,
I would not be scared of folding props, they are in use all over the world on lots of boats with very little trouble.

I have had great luck with Gori folding props. They are top-quality props built in Denmark. They are represented here in the U.S. by AB Marine in Middleton, Rhode Island (www.ab-marine.com, (800) 801-8922). I believe that you would need an 8.5-by-11-inch right-hand prop for your boat.