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2019 October 1

This young Aussie couple is funding living aboard and sailing the world through crowdfunded videos

Most famous sailors have a laundry list of accomplishments and a room full of trophies. Elayna Carausa, 26, and Riley Whitelum, 35, have none of that. What they do have is the largest following of any
2019 October 1

October 2019

Features  The internet’s favorite sailors A young Aussie couple is funding living aboard and sailing the world through crowdfunded videos New Boat Showcase From a foiling cruising
2019 October 1

California sailor Paul Keever discovered sailing and found a career in helping others discover it

Most sailor’s origin stories have a few things in common, from Optimist prams and junior sailing programs to family cruises and local yacht club races. They usually don’t begin with high-performan
2019 October 1

From a cruising cat that can fly on foils to a sailing dinghy that packs into a duffel bag, this year’s class of new boats debuting at boat shows has something for every kind of sailor

Sun Fast 3300The Jeanneau racing pedigree just got a new boost with the launch of this new offshore racer designed by the same folks that brought speed to the America’s Cup and maxi racing. LOA 33
2019 September 1

Bringing your pets aboard may have its challenges, but a little planning can make for happy times cruising with your four-legged friends

The cruising life is often difficult enough, with confined space and endless maintenance. Throw an animal into the mix aboard a sailboat, and cruisers are presented with a whole raft of additional cha
2019 September 1

Fine-tune your charter to your liking to create the ultimate sailor’s vacation

The charter business was born 50 years ago in the British Virgin Islands with six 35-foot sailboats and a dream by Charlie and Ginny Cary to help people go sailing in one of the best cruising grounds
2019 September 1

September 2019

Features  Sailing with sandy paws and salty whiskers Cruising with your pets can be rewarding with a little planning Return of the Twelves 21 classic 12-Metres gather on Narrag
2019 August 2
The following multi-tiered approach to maintenance stems from recommendations from manufacturers and the U.S. Coast Guard, and covers both hydrostatic (pressure sensing) and bobbin type (water soluble
2019 August 1

Cruising the remote Pacific coast of western Panama means sailing off the grid into the arms of nature in the company of humpback whales

My husband Neil and I left Mexico in March aboard our Liberty 458 Distant Drummer with a plan to spend the rest of the year on a leisurely voyage down the Pacific coast of Central America. After enjoy
2019 August 1

What the person in the water does is just as important as what a boat’s crew does in a man overboard situation

Sailors know that when a person goes overboard the crew must go immediately into recovery mode. Man overboard procedures are studied and practiced. But what happens if you are the person in the water?
2019 August 1

Light air vexes the fleet on its way to Nantucket

We hoped the gale warning forecast was wrong as we set out for the 48th annual Figawi Race from Hyannis to Nantucket on Cape Cod in May. It wasn’t. But my friend Josh Antrim was committed to sailing
2019 August 1

Spyderco Assist Salt Knife

 Few boats are without at least one knife, but when you need a knife in an emergency, you need it immediately. Sailors should carry a folding blade that can be opened one-handed. The Assist Salt
2019 August 1

Spinlock Deckvest 5D

 Life jackets have become highly specialized, so investing in your own, rather than using whatever a boat may have available, is a good idea. You can customize the fit, but more importantly you c
2019 August 1

Navisafe Navi

 A personal flashlight is a must-have if you are doing any nighttime sailing, but using one that is waterproof and has a strobe function makes it a safety device as well. One problem with many po
2019 August 1

Fox Micro Whistle

 The cheapest piece of safety gear might just be the most important thing you carry on a boat. Whistles have proven their value in man overboard situations. Those without a “pea” that will ke
2019 August 1

SOS Distress Light

 Pyrotechnic flares are important to have onboard, but adding an electric “flare” to the safety kit can be easier for all crewmembers to use and it never expires. The SOS Distress Light, whic
2019 August 1

Winslow Marine Super Light

 Not every boat needs a life raft, but depending on where it sails it can be a great addition. Most life rafts pack small so they don’t take up a lot of room, but make sure they are stowed some
2019 August 1

Adventure Medical Kits Marine 1000

Instead of assembling your own first aid kit, consider picking up one specifically designed for a marine environment and for the kind of sailing you do. Adventure Medical Kits’ Marine 1000 is suited
2019 July 1
The 105-foot classic ketch Whitehawk is set to race the Great Lakes Mackinac races.What do you do when you no longer have your Volvo 70 Il Mostro to race the Mackinac races on? If you’re Peter Thort
2019 July 1

July-August 2019

Features  Alone at sea Istvan Kopar managed broken gear and bad luck for 263 days in the Golden Globe Race Heartbreaker The boat that broke one owner’s heart is reimagined with an unco

Perry on Design

  • A sleek design that marries the best of both cruising and racing

  • A cleverly designed offshore cruiser that has an interior layout for all kinds of sailing

  • Combining performance with a luxe interior, this performance cruiser is ready for the open sea