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Can I replace just the bulbs with LEDs?

2011 October 3

Dear Boat Doctor,
I am interested in LED interior lighting for my boat. I have a number of dome-style lights and a few little reading lights. I'd like to just replace the bulbs if I can. What do you know about LED replacement bulbs, are they as good as dedicated LED fixtures?
Andre Wilson
San Diego, California

Dear Andre,
LED conversion bulbs are a great way to save some electrical power. A typical replacement LED will be three to five times as efficient as an incandescent bulb. You won't see the same light output and replacement LEDs aren't quite as good as dedicated LED fixtures, but they are very acceptable at a small fraction of the cost.

I have seen great results with the LED replacements from Imtra Corp. Imtra is a leader in dedicated LED lighting, and its LED replacements are very nice. You should be able to find the socket styles that you require on its website, www.imtra.com.