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The great escape

2015 February 3

Has the polar vortex frozen your home sailing waters solid? Thaw out your flip-flops and get away to SAILING Magazine’s Top 10 places to go sailing now

10.  Belize

The spectacular Mesoamerican Reef that stretches from Mexico south to Honduras is the second largest in the world, and centrally located is the cruising grounds off Belize. With protected sailing and a plethora of sea life below the water, the 400 cays off this small English-speaking Central

American country offer endless cruising possibilities. From the laid-back vibe at Placencia on the mainland, to the Great Blue Hole on Lighthouse Reef, you’ll find unparalleled snorkeling and diving and some of the best seafood beach bars ashore. Take time to visit the Mayan ruins that dot the jungle inland before you hop a flight home.

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