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The antidote for the sailing blues

2016 January 1

We offer sailing experiences to do now that will tide over restless sailors until the season starts


The island nation of Bermuda is gearing up for the 2017 America’s Cup, when sailors from around the world will descend on the 20-square-mile island to watch sailing’s biggest show. Hotels will be full, and the island will be packed, especially near the sailing action. If you go now, you’ll beat the crowd and be able to explore Bermuda without the America’s Cup hoopla. Teams have already set up bases and are training on the island so you’ll even get a chance to see them practicing and maybe even walking around town, and you’ll be closer to them than you’ll be able to get next year. Plus, when the America’s Cup does roll around in June 2017, you’ll already know all the best places to go and be up on your motor scooter driving skills. For more on America’s Cup activities in Bermuda, go to www.gotobermuda.com.

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