May 2020

2020 May 1


Big fun in a teacup pram

The home-built Frosty won over sailors with good performance and affordability

Little lugger with a lot of love to give

A donated classic continues to bring joy to sailors spanning generations

How to live the dream

We asked liveaboard cruisers how they left life on land behind and headed to sea

Boats & Gear 

Gear: Hot new gear

Boat Test: The new X4.0 is a joy to sail

Perry on Design

The Isla Aid 95 and DH 550 are designed for work and play

Used Boat Notebook: Kelly Peterson 46

Technique: How to fix delamination

The Boat Doctor: Tips for inspecting your boat


For Openers

Full and By: Sailing breaks free of the math that has held it back for centuries


On the Wind: On this we can agree: On a boat we’re all friends

Splashes: Serious fun for 40 years

Nautical Library: Updated expert self-sufficient sailing

Seabag Secrets: Flying Scot father-and-son champions

The Wharf: Brokerage, charter and other sailing related services

On the Cover 

The 29ers head downwind at the Youth Sailing World Championship in Poland.

Cover picture by Robert Hajduk/World Sailing photo