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July/August 2022

2022 July 1

Table of Contents


Flares are expired. Now what?

Igniting out-dated emergency flares could saddle sailors with stiff fines

Back to Baja

A cruising couple returns to the Sea of Cortez to finish a cruise cut short by the pandemic

Lessons from the pros 

Cruising sailors can learn valuable safety-at-sea lessons by studying how offshore racers handle potentially life-threatening incidents

Trade wind revelry

Sailors return to St. Barth to take on the Les Voiles de St. Barth Richard Mille

Boats & Gear 

Technique: How to use your radio in an emergency

Boat Doctor: What gear do you need for night passages

Gear: The latest in safety-at-sea equipment

Used Boat Notebook: The Ericson 38-200 has enough oomph to triumph on the beer can race course

Perry on Design: Fresh thinking in racer-cruisers—Dehler 46 SQ and Italia Yachts 14.98


For Openers

Full and By: Let’s get to the bottom of sailing’s big problem

On the Wind: Sailing crews look a lot different these days. You can thank diversity.

Splashes: The 2022 Swiftsure is no “Driftsure”

Nautical Library: Tips for sailing through the storm

Your Beauty of Sail 

The Wharf: Brokerage, charters and sailing related goods and services

On the Cover: Bernie Girod and his team from the Santa Barbara Yacht Club sail the Lombard 46 Pata Negra to a division win. Turn to page 56 for more from Les Voiles de St. Barth Richard Mille. Cover picture by Sharon Green