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January/February 2023

2022 December 29

Table of Contents


Greenland adventure

A pair of friends sail a small catamaran across the North Sea to explore

From dusty project to race ready

A young couple restores a Victory 21 built nearly 40 years before they were born

Battle of the classics

St. Tropez on the Mediterranean coastof France is the place to be in September for the classic racing fleet

Boats & Gear 

Gear: Lighter, more efficient lithium iron phosphate batteries for sailboats

Technique: Multihull sailing for monohull sailors

Boat Dr.: The mysterious case of water in the bilge when running the engine

Perry on Design; The Lagoon 51 and Excess 14 are new cruising multihulls with good looks and swanky accommodations

Boat Test: The new J/45 is the cruisiest J/Boat but still swift and easy to sail


For Openers

Full and By: The captain’s sunny outlook invites a mocking moniker

On the Wind: Let’s call it learning to learn to sail instead

Splashes: Three sailors are rescued from their flooding Hinckley ketch

Nautical Library: Marvin Creamer remarkable circumnavigation inspires

Your Beauty of Sail: Reader photos

The Wharf: Brokerage, charters and other sailing related goods and services.

On the Cover : The new Leopard 42 flies across the Caribbean on her maiden voyage cruise. Cover picture by Geoff Ragatz