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Is there a database of dock depths?

2010 October 1

Dear Boat Doctor,

I am looking for an information source that shows a marina's depth at the dock or anchorage. Obviously, if I have a draft of six feet, I have no interest in a harbor that tops out at five feet. Is this data available or do I just need to call each marina?

I know this question is a little out of scope for your column, but the information might prevent someone from needing the Boat Doctor!

Jim McGarvey
Hudson Valley, New York

Dear Jim,

What you are looking for is that elusive class of information called "local knowledge."

Some depth data can be gleaned from a detailed chart, but there is seldom enough data to see depth at a dock in a marina. You have a better chance finding this level of detail in a cruising guide. In addition to the depth data, you see the services available in each port, and even restaurant recommendations and more.