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November 2011

2011 November 1


38    Race You to Kim Sha Beach
Serious racing meets serious fun during the annual gathering of the sailing clan at the St. Martin Heineken Regatta

45    Capsize! In the Blink of an Eye
When the fastest monohull afloat lost her keel, good seamanship, preparation and a little luck averted disaster

52    Beware of the Boom
A study finds jibes to be the main cause of serious injuries, yet tripping tops the list for most injuries

59    Cruising up the Lightning Bolt
Lake Ontario's Bay of Quinte is a cruiser's delight, in spite of its narrow confines

Boats & Gear

24    Technique
Life vest maintenance

28    Gear
Life rafts

30    Special Gift Guide
Holiday gifts for sailors

32    Boat Doctor
Removing sealant smudges and replacing a catboat fuel tank

33    Perry on Design
Leggero L8; Tsunami; Eagle 44

36    Used Boat Notebook
Cape Dory 36


5    For Openers

6    Full and By
It's still about iron men and women, sailors stronger than their boats

8    Letters

9    On the Wind
If it quacks like a Puddle Duck it must be a fun boat to sail

10    Splashes
Bedlam on the Bay

18    Nautical Library
Sailing imp and another Alan Lewrie adventure

20    Sailors Among Us
Sister sailors love the challenge   

64    Launchings
New boat: Beneteau Oceanis 41

65    The Wharf
Brokerage, charters and other sailing-related products and services